Dreams are Sails by Esther B.

Dreams are Sails from FWMoA Education on Vimeo.

This video was created during the Fort Wayne Museum of Art Dedicated Arts Summer Program by student Esther B. Esther is an incredibly gifted high school student who’s work has focused on fashion and photography. This was the first film she has created. Her scholarship to the camp was provided by the Alliance to Young Artists & Writers through a sponsorship by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

From Esther: My artwork usually consists of a series of stories that I like to tell through a mixture of fashion design, sets, and photography all rolled into one. I love stories of make-believe and fairy tales, which usually tends to show in my work. Whenever I have an idea I first think of an outfit or dress to make that would best convey a mood that I want to express. Sometimes I design and create an outfit first, and then build my idea around a time or theme that the outfit portrays.

My grandmother recently suffered a stroke where she lost the ability to move the right side of her body. Even though it’s a struggle, she still smiles and goes on with life. I wondered what she was like when she was younger; what type of adventures she had when she could move about freely. Even though times may be hard right now, she’s still able to dream and have her own adventures.

I designed, drafted and sewed the sailor jumper seen in this video to create a nostalgic feel of the 1930s. Once that was done I made the sails, and I set them up in a tree, which took over 6 hours just to set up. I have what I call “creative scars,” little cuts and bruises all over my legs and feet due to climbing up and down the tree so many times.

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