Saturday Studio: Kitchen Lithography

Alyssa Dumire, Director of Children’s Education

This “Saturday Studio” is all about printmaking! Using materials found in your kitchen, you can make beautiful prints to hang on your fridge or exchange with friends and family! Our Director of Children’s Education, Alyssa Dumire, has shown you how in the video below; we suggest watching the video all the way through once, as it is a multi-step process. As a note, parts of the video are sped up as Alyssa works her way through the steps.

You can also see images and written instructions of this technique from when we had our docent corps make their own prints! Once you’ve finished your creations, learn more about the history of stone lithography from one of our former “Art Term Tuesday” posts.

Happy printmaking!

Watch as Alyssa Dumire takes you through the steps of Kitchen Lithography, then try it out for yourself!

As always, share your prints with us here on the blog or by posting to our social media: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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