Let’s Talk SHOP: Dawn England-Harless

Abby Leon, Paradigm Gallery Director

In “Let’s Talk SHOP”, Paradigm Gallery Director Abby Leon spotlights local, regional, and national artists whose unique art and fine craft are featured in the shop at FWMoA. From jewelry, wood turned objects, and ceramics to hand-made apparel and accessories, all types of paintings, and photography, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye!

This week, we talk shop with Dawn England-Harless, who you can find at the Paradigm Gallery TONIGHT (September 10, 2020) giving a fused glass demonstration!

Dawn England Harness. Photo courtesy of the artist.

“I have always been allured by the intrinsic beauty of glass. The final realized product of each piece is a culmination of my years of experience, training, and education. Each one of my designs is a reflection of my previous background as a graphic designer, and that continues to strongly influence my work. The depth and dimensional qualities in my work are achieved through my use of dynamic and unique color palettes. Success is achieved when the functionality of glass becomes a beautiful work of art. I continue to strive in learning new techniques and exploring alternative avenues, which I often incorporate into my craft.

I am originally from Anderson, Indiana, and after high school attended Ball State University, graduating with a BFA in Visual Communications. During my journey, I have had the opportunity to study under some of the top artists in their fields and am grateful for their generosity. It has benefited my art to have worked as a graphic designer, conceptual artist, illustrator, and art educator for over 23 years and, more recently, a stager. I am now operating my own fine arts and glass studio in northern Indiana.”

Fused Glass Dish by Dawn England-Harless; $175 at the Paradigm Gallery.

This technique uses glass stringer (thin rods of glass) arranged in various patterns to create its intricate and dimensional detail. This method begins by making a sheet of glass using thin glass stringers which are fused into one sheet. The next stage is to cut the fused glass sheet into narrow strips, which are arranged and organized into the final design. The completed design is then returned to the kiln to be fully fused. The resulting sheet will have irregular edges requiring cold working using a wet grinder and a graduating series of polishing pads. Once the edges are smoothed and refined, the piece is then slump-fired in a mold into its final shape for presentation.

To see more of Dawn England-Harless’ work, come visit us at the Paradigm Gallery tonight from 5pm-8pm or: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm; Thursday-10am-8pm; Sunday-12pm-5pm.

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