In the News: World Read Aloud Day

Katy Thompson, Children’s Education Associate

Irving Amen, American, 1918-2011. The Magic Word. Color lithograph. Gift of Irving Amen, 1981.06.8. Photo courtesy of FWMoA.

It’s World Read Aloud Day! Started by LitWorld in 2010, World Read Aloud Day celebrates shared stories and advocates for literacy.

Why does an art museum blog care about World Read Aloud Day?

Because, at its core, art tells a story, too! Art museums specialize in exhibiting visual narratives from artists near and far, dead and alive! We hold many artworks that illustrate a scene from a fictional story, history, or even the artists imagination! Sometimes, the artist manages to get multiple scenes into one work.

Think, for a moment, on your favorite children’s book, either growing up or now. What did you love about it? The illustrations, perhaps? As an adult, I love when my fictional stories include maps of the setting and illustrations of the characters, as it helps me, as the reader, move further into the story and away from reality. And what is the written word, and artwork, but a form of escapism?

Over the last year, we asked the FWMoA volunteer docents to read aloud some children’s books that relate to art: from stories about specific artists to museum visits to exploring the art of looking. Let our FWMoA Docents read to you by following this link: Let Us Read to You.

Below, you’ll find a few of our favorite artworks from the FWMoA permanent collection that tell a story or that ask you to tell a story about them! Grab a friend and have a conversation: what story is illustrated or what story can you make up and tell aloud?

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