Art Term Tuesday: Value

What's the most value-able work of art at #fwmoa? One of those art words with multiple meanings, today we're talking about value in terms of color, not money.

Art Term Tuesday: Vanitas

Why is there a skull on a table with food, books, and globes? Vanitas paintings were reminders to wealthy patrons of the inevitability of death. But why?! Read on to see why this genre was popular in both 17th century Dutch society and contemporary art.

Art Term Tuesday: Acquisition

As #fwmoa celebrates its centennial, we explore the term "acquisition" as used in museums and cultural institutions. Where do we get our art? How do we decide what art we get? What will we collect in the next 100 years?

ATT: Art Nouveau

Can art really ever be new? Art Nouveau (New Art) tried! Explore the short-lived movement dominated by artists whose work we love today; then, come visit #fwmoa to see it on display! See Art Nouveau master Alphonse Mucha's posters until September 26.

ATT: Artisan v. Artist

Terminology is tricky; one wrong word and you can accidentally mislabel or offend. In the visual arts, language constantly changes to reflect the transformative nature of artistic style and movement. We explore this change in terms in artisan v. artist.

Art Term Tuesday: Muse

The muse is a time-honored tradition in the visual arts. Today, #fwmoa Exhibitions Content Manager Elizabeth Kilmer delves into both the historic use of the term and its place in contemporary visual culture.

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