Art Term Tuesday: Mood

How does this artwork make me feel? A question we ask often on tours, artists use a variety of techniques to both express a feeling through their artwork and generate them. How do the artworks in this post make you feel?

Art Term Tuesday: Pietà

It is common for artists to intentionally borrow compositions and refashion imagery to subtly add meaning to their work. Here, we see how two contemporary artists, Barberena and Harrington, have used Michelangelo's Pietà composition.

Art Term Tuesday: Tondo

The usual rectangular or square canvas won't do for these artists! Instead, they create on a circular-shaped canvas called a tondo. Learn the art historical significance behind the tondo and see how contemporary artists are pushing it even further in this blog post.

Art Term Tuesday: Color

We're hungry...for art! We've found that certain shades of paint can make us there an artwork you'd like to eat? Today, we explore the way that color elicits a response and connection to art, whether emotional or gastronomical.

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