Art Term Tuesday: Movement

It's #arttermtuesday! With how fast July moved into August, we decided to look at movement in art! How does an artist convey movement in a 2D work, and why do they use it?

Art Term Tuesday: Chalk

If you took a stroll down Main Street last week, Elephant Ear and Lemon Shake-Up in hand, you probably saw the #fwmoa annual Chalk Walk. Let's explore chalk as an artistic medium, in all its forms, in this #arttermtuesday.

Art Term Tuesday: Emphasis

Where is your eye drawn...and why? In this #arttermtuesday we explore the artists use of emphasis (or lack thereof) to tell their story and get their message across to the viewer.

Art Term Tuesday: Balance

Has the artist achieved balance? Used to create visual stability, the balancing act of balancing a composition can be completed using various techniques. Learn how, and next time you visit #fwmoa see if the artwork is stable or liable to tip over!

Art Term Tuesday: Mood

How does this artwork make me feel? A question we ask often on tours, artists use a variety of techniques to both express a feeling through their artwork and generate them. How do the artworks in this post make you feel?

Art Term Tuesday: Pietà

It is common for artists to intentionally borrow compositions and refashion imagery to subtly add meaning to their work. Here, we see how two contemporary artists, Barberena and Harrington, have used Michelangelo's Pietà composition.

Art Term Tuesday: Cyanotype

Characterized by their blue tonalities, cyanotype prints, which are less expensive to produce and don't require a darkroom, are making a comeback. See them on display at #fwmoa in Azya Lashelle's exhibit "Baby I Got The Blues".

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