Art Term Tuesday: Vanitas

Why is there a skull on a table with food, books, and globes? Vanitas paintings were reminders to wealthy patrons of the inevitability of death. But why?! Read on to see why this genre was popular in both 17th century Dutch society and contemporary art.

Let’s Talk SHOP: Bob Cross

Bob Cross, not to be confused with Bob Ross, is a contemporary artist whose work stems from the simple notions of day-to-day life. Here, we get a peek into his process as he creates a painting, "It Started Like This".

Saturday Studio: Mirror Mirror

Today in the Studio, we're making paintings inspired by African American artist Felrath Hines, who we profiled in a past "Treasures from the Vault" post. Learn an easy way to make mirrored, symmetrical images just like Hines to add to your Studio gallery!

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