Treasures from the Vault: Now on View!

Katy Thompson, Children’s Education Associate

Just as many of us have recently emerged from full self-isolation and quarantine in the past few weeks, so have various FWMoA “treasures” left the vault for your viewing! As an institution that holds some 7,000 objects in trust for the public, our blog series “Treasures from the Vault” has worked to showcase more of these pieces, as we only have so much gallery space in which to exhibit our works of art.

As we move closer to our 100th Anniversary, however, FWMoA’s curators are making plans to showcase more of the permanent collection and, currently on view, are some of the “treasures” we have highlighted in the past. Whether it is the specific artwork we highlighted in our original post or other works by that specific artist on display, see if any of your favorites are now on view and visit FWMoA to see them up close and in person!

Michelle Andonian

A grandmother and her grandsons light candles in an old church in Armenia.
Lighting the candles in Sanahin. Photo courtesy of Michelle Andonian. See the black and white version in her exhibition currently on display at FWMoA.

Claudia Bernardi

Bernarid's etching is made using a map as a background. On top of the map are human figures, both clothed and skeletal. The reddish-orange hues in the middle suggest land, while the top and lefthand corner are blueish in color, suggesting water.
Claudia Bernardi, Argentinian, b. 1955. Palabras de Arena (Words of Sand). Etching and aquatint, 2013. Museum Purchase, 2014.313.6. Photo courtesy of FWMoA.

Lesley Dill

A black figure rests on a light background. Across the figure are white words from part of an Emily Dickinson poem, "Exhilaration is Within".
Lesley Dill, American, b. 1950. Exhilaration is Within. Lithograph, collage, and thread, 1994. Museum Purchase, 2001.01. Photo courtesy of FWMoA.

Janet Fish

Due to image rights, we can’t reproduce the work currently on display. Please click the link to read about another one of her works in the permanent collection of the FWMoA.

Corita Kent

A yellow background makes the large, purple word "ornery" stand out. Written backwards, "ornery" takes up the bottom half of the composition. The top half is made up of white words encouraging the viewer to be patient
Corita Kent, American, 1918-1986. be patient. Screenprint, 1967. Fort Wayne Art Institute Purchase in Memory of Patric Bir. Image used with permission courtesy of the Corita Art Center, Immaculate Heart Community, Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of FWMoA.

Hung Liu

Evelynne B. Mess

An etching of the Adirondack trail, this piece includes 19 tones of grey to create the grey/brown/black/green/white palette. It shows a grove of trees, with darkness falling in the background as you get closer into the wood. In the foreground, wooden planks span a fast moving stream to help the unseen hiker cross to the other side.
Evelynne Bernloehr Mess, American, 1903-2003. Adirondack Trail. Etching and aquatint, 1945. Gift of the artist, 1950.33. Photo courtesy of FWMoA.

Mary Nimmo Moran

A landscape shows Gardiner's Bay, Long Island. In the background, the ocean melds into the moving clouds and shows a few boats. In the fore, a river disappears around a bend with trees on a hillside disappearing from view.
Mary Nimmo Moran (American, born Scotland, 1842-1899). Gardiner’s Bay from Fresh Ponds, Long Island. Etching on silk, 1884. Gift of Lorraine Hook Davis, 2008.10. Photo courtesy of FWMoA.

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

Ginny Ruffner

Ruffner's sculpture is in the shape of an urn. At the bottom are four painted medallions inspired by Impressionist painters. The urn is not a vessel.
Ginny Ruffner, American, b. 1952. Urnscape. Lamp-worked glass and mixed media, 1993. Gift of Ian and Mimi Rolland, 1997.19. Photo courtesy of FWMoA.

Hollis Sigler

This lithograph shows the inside of a room with tile floors, a chair, an end table, and a mirror. A large window takes up most of the composition. In front of the window is a trunk with clothing being lifted out of it by birds, the top is a pink dress, then a green dress, and purple dress half emerges from the trunk.
Hollis Sigler, American, 1948-2001. The Only Permanence Is Change, 1995. Color Lithograph. Gift of Robert F. Schroeder in memory of his grandmother, Vida M. Lamb, who died as a result of breast cancer in 1970, 1996.10. Used with permission from the Estate of Hollis Sigler. Photo courtesy of FWMoA.

May Stevens

In the middle is big daddy, with a bulldog on his lap. To the right and left are the different "outfits" you can use to dress up his paper doll. From left, a hooded figure, an army man, a police officer, and a bloodstained white shirt and apron. Each paper doll includes a corresponding outfit for his bulldog.
May Stevens, American, b. 1924. Big Daddy Paper Doll. Screenprint, 1976. Gift of Abraham Tannenbaum, 1977.31. Photo courtey of FWMoA.

Matika Wilbur

A black and white photograph of Dr Mary, a Native American woman in a black dress with Native belt standing in her Native land.
Matika Wilbur, Native American, b. 1984. Dr. Mary from Project 562. Photogravure, 2015. Museum Purchase with funds provided by the McMurray Family Endowment, 2015.14.4. Photo courtesy of FWMoA.

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