Art Term Tuesday: Curator

What is a curator? You may have heard that term used both inside and outside museums and cultural institutions. Today, we explore its meaning and different uses both inside the museum and outside in the digital world.

Saturday Studio: Kitchen Lithography

This "Saturday Studio" is all about printmaking! Using materials found in your kitchen, you can make prints to hang on your fridge or exchange with friends and family by following the steps in this video by Director of Children's Education, Alyssa Dumire.

Art Term Tuesday: Composition

How does an artist ensure their message is conveyed to their viewers? One way is by creating an impactful composition. This week's "Art Term Tuesday" explores the different ways artists' use composition to tell their story.

Art Term Tuesday: Synesthesia

Synesthesia is a quirk of the brain, a personal and individual experience that the ones without find hard to imagine, as two senses are linked together, for example, color and sound. Learn more about how this effects artists work in this "Art Term Tuesday".