FWMoA Fridge: Simple Supplies, Ravishing Results

Alyssa Dumire, Director of Children’s Education

FWMoA is now closed to the public through at least April 20th, and the Learning Center closed well before this date since there are so many hands-on objects that need to be disinfected daily. We were sad to close, but it’s a small sacrifice if it can do its part in helping us all stay healthy. Despite being currently visitor-less, today, we bring a little bit of the Learning Center to wherever you are by sharing more art created by our patrons. On the FWMoA Virtual Fridge we’re sharing a few works that showcase the range of possibilities with a few simple materials.

Last fall’s updates to the Learning Center included a slight revamp to our art-making supplies, and I’m continually amazed at the creativity spurred by those few additions. Since the space is carpeted and not attended (although we check on it most mornings), we can’t provide anything that could spill (like glue or paint) or that could be dangerous (like scissors—better safe than sorry!). Here’s what we do provide: white drawing paper, colored pencils, colored pencil sticks, regular graphite pencils, tempera paint sticks, multi-colored masking tape, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and colored construction paper scraps. The paint sticks, unsurprisingly, have seen a lot of use; and, luckily, have proven easy to clean off our tables. They’re a way for us to provide the rich color of paint without quite as much mess, and I could see them being a great addition to a home craft closet (there are a few different brands out there; ours are like these and available in class packs). The other, slightly surprising, greatest hit supply is the colored masking tape. It’s used not just to tape things together or mask off areas of paper, but as a design element in its own right.

Here are some of the innovative ways our guests have used the materials:

A giraffe made out of black and white cut tape and black paint stick on a white background.
An innovative use of masking tape made this cute giraffe! Photo courtesy of Alyssa Dumire.
A paint stick rainbow is in the top left corner, framed with four popsicle sticks. Two pipe cleaners align the bottom of the piece of paper, one on top of the other. The artist has signed the work in the bottom right corner: Elle.
Perhaps inspired by the rainbow colored blocks also in the Learning Center, don’t forget to note the signature of the artist in the corner! Photo courtesy of Alyssa Dumire.
This work by a child artist is a 3D sculpture of a house created using tape, cut paper strips, and popsicle sticks.
You don’t only have to make 2D masterpieces! This 3D construction uses tape, popsicle sticks, and cut paper! Photo courtesy of Alyssa Dumire.
This child chose to create an abstract work full of color. Overtop the colored paint stick lines, white pieces of tape are stuck in a random pattern to break up the mass of color.
An abstract work, this artist chose to explore the use of color and line, perhaps inspired by Francisco Valverde’s work currently on display at FWMoA. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Dumire.

Hopefully these creations inspire you to get out some art supplies, whatever you have on hand, and see what happens—you might be surprised! Even if you’re “not an artist,” taking a break from your cooped-up routine to create something with your family, roommates, or Facetimed BFFs can lift the spirits. Let your materials be your guide! Need some further inspiration? Even though we’re closed, you can experience FWMoA virtually here: https://poly.google.com/view/fU3Pu_PRbWS.

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